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A property purchaser in Cyprus has the legal right for the acquisition of title deeds of their property. Unlike other developers in Cyprus, C&E Christoforou can undertake the entire process, from the Land and Surveys Department till the issue of your title deeds. This is a free of charge service.

It is worth mentioning that once you sign a contract with C&E Christoforou, you will be informed about the latest date possible that you will receive your title deeds, as it will be a term in the contract.

Usually title deeds are issued within two years from the completion of each residential unit. According to the law, title deeds initially are issued on developer’s name and then the developer transfers the title deeds on purchaser’s name. Since the contact of sale is submitted to the Land and Surveys department, the purchaser is safeguarded as the beneficial owner of the property. Please refer to the Contract of Sale paragraph for more details.