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When choosing to buy a property from us a legal contract of sale is made where all terms and conditions are negotiated between you and C&E Christoforou. The legal system in Cyprus is based on the British system. All contracts of sale are in English and Greek, however if necessary we could provide a certified official translation in any language you require, to ensure that you understand everything.

Once the contract of sale is signed and stamped, you in person or your representative should submit a certified copy of the contract to the Lands and Surveys Department. This is the so called ‘‘Specific Performance’’ procedure and ensures that your beneficial rights to property ownership are legally protected. Once submitted, your contract of sale cannot be withdrawn by anyone other than yourself, meaning that your property cannot be leased, sold, transferred or mortgaged without your consent.

The department of Land and Surveys is a public organization established in 1858. Through the years it has been updated with new internal regulations, making it one of the most efficient Departments in Cyprus. Therefore, the purchasing process in Cyprus is quite an easy and bureaucracy free procedure.